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Ripple Design To Pattern Using Forest Group Easyflex Tape            

Video Available Now

Step by step fabrication instructions for ripple to pattern drapery patterns using the Forest Group Easyflex Tape. Also includes fabrication technique for basic ripplefold panels for any drapery hardware. Includes easy to use fabrication diagram.

Basic Roman Shade Fabrication   Video Available Now

Fabrication instructions for safety compliant roman shades both lined and blackout lined, plus waterfall top and valance top. Shades are ribbed and have weight bars. Shade ribs and weight bars are hidden from view. This fabrication method eliminates bulk at the sides and pin holes from side and bottom hems on blackout lined shades.

Attached Valance Panels Using the Low Bulk Method   Video Available Now

Fabrication instructions for taking the bulk out of lined and

interlined attached valance drapery panels with my easy method.

Templating A Curved Wall   Video Available Now

Learn how to efficiently make a template for a curved wall for

either drapery rods or board mounted window treatment.

Tool list and diagram included.

"Her technique for curved walls will probably save me 4 hours based on the method I would have attempted otherwise." James Holloway, South East Installation Solutions


Basic Slipcover Techniques As Applied  To A Parson Chair 

Video Available Now

 Learn the basics of fabricating slipcovers for a parson or dining chair.


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