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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

Basic Drapery Linings Explained

Linings are an essential part of any window treatment. Linings not only prevent sun damage to the face fabric but also block temperatures when the drapes are closed. Fabrics hang better when lined.

Blackout linings are linings with a rubber coated backing used to keep out light and temperatures.

Bump is a very thick blanket like lining used to give drapery panels a luxurious look and feel.

Linings come in several different colors from whites to ivories to tans and khakis. Gray lining is also becoming very popular.

Napped sateen is lining with a napped or fuzzy back. They do not replace flannel interlining or bump but do add body to fabrics.

Above are photos of basic drapery lining combinations with fabric.

PHOTO TOP ROW LEFT - Face fabric on top, heavy flannel interlining next and sateen lining on the bottom. Blackout lining can be used in place of the sateen to block light, heat and cold.

PHOTO TOP ROW CENTER - Sateen lining on top, then a layer of bump and the fabric on the bottom. Bump gives silks and light weight fabrics a thick, luxurious feel.

PHOTO TOP ROW RIGHT - Stitch bound bump.

PHOTO BOTTOM ROW - French blackout is an alternative to blackout lining. The face fabric is on top, then heavy flannel, black sateen lining and pale ivory sateen lining.

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