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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

Basic Wooden Drapery Hardware Explained

Here are the basic components of wooden drapery hardware.

PHOTO TOP ROW LEFT - Finials are the decorative components at the end of rods and come in a wide variety of styles and finishes. They range in size to fit rods that are 1 3/8", 2",

2 1/4", and 3" diameter.

PHOTO TOP ROW MIDDLE - Endcaps are used at the ends of the rod when there isn't enough space between the end of the rod and the wall or a furniture. They come in different finishes, styles and sizes to fit different rod sizes.

PHOTO TOP ROW RIGHT - This photo shows a selection of wooden rods in both smooth and reeded profiles. They come in a wide range of sinishes and come in 1 3/8", 2", 2 1/4", and 3" diameter.

PHOTO BOTTOM ROW LEFT - Rings are the components that drapery panels are attached to so that the panels can move back and forth. They come in both wood and metal, different styles and sizes to fit the rods.

PHOTO BOTTOM ROW CENTER - A bracket is the component that the rod sits in and must be securely attached to the wall to hold up the window treatment. Projection, the distance that the window treatment will project out from the wall, is the important thing to know here. Brackets come in specific sizes for each rod diameter, different styles and finishes. Always have drapery hardware installed by a professional installer.

PHOTO BOTTOM ROW RIGHT - Decorative holdbacks and medallions. Holdbacks are what drapery tiebacks are attached to. Medallions are used to either embellish top treatments or to hang top treatments from.

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