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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

What Are Custom Window Treatments?

Did you ever wonder what makes a window treatment custom and why is the price so different from ready made?

Custom Window treatments are made especially for you and do not come in a package sitting on a store shelf. They aren't made in volume quantities for an average consumer. Each one is made to order with fabrics and materials selected just for you and made to fit your window.

Your interior designer will work with you to determine what your needs and wishes are for the room as a whole before carefully having the window treatment fabricated by a professional workroom. Then your designer will coordinate fabric suppliers, drapery hardware suppliers, workrooms and installers to deliver the perfect window treatments, furniture and accessories for your home.

Fabrics are carefully selected to match your home and furnishings.

The workroom will carefully pattern match repeats perfectly throughout the window treatment.

Fabrics aren't bought in bulk quantities but in smaller yardages as needed for the job at hand. This affects the fabric price.

Appropriate linings are used for each particular circumstance. For example, bump interlining is used to make silk look and feel thick and luxurious.

Trims and fringes are selected and applied by hand.

Different fabrication techniques to suit the job are determined by the workroom and executed to perfection.

Custom drapery hardware is chosen and sometimes hand painted to match the room.

Roman shades are fabricated using the latest safety standards.

The finished window treatments are then installed by trained installers to ensure that your treatment is properly attached to the wall, works correctly and is dressed out to perfection.

Designers, workroom fabricators and installers are all highly skilled trained professionals with a passion for the design industry.

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