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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

Tales From the Workroom: Throw Pillow Liposuction

My designer and I are wrapping up a house and are down to the last odds and ends. The homeowner has a few antique and much loved needlepoint pillows that need to be restuffed. These pillows are old and I mean o - l - d old!

Ok, so I took the first one apart and removed a feather insert that had definitely seen better days. Popped the new feather and down insert in, stitched it up. Done.

On to the next pillow. Uh oh.

I opened it up, reached my hand in and pulled out one tiny limp silk pillow. Tossed that in the trash. I reached in again and out came another tiny limp silk pillow. Tossed that in the trash.

Ok, again I reached in and thought that if anything with eyeballs comes out, I am running! Another tiny limp silk pillow came out. Tossed that in the trash.

I looked in the pillow and all that was left was decomposed kapok. Y'all ever see that stuff? Well, it is terrible. It was in tiny little pieces that flew all over and stuck to everything. The only thing to do was to get the vacuum cleaner, insert the nozzle, hold the pillow opening tight around the nozzle and hit the button. Problem solved. Yucky kapok gone. New insert in. Finished.

And the trash bag is tightly closed and out in the garage.

Voila! Probably the first liposuction procedure performed on a throw pillow.

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