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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

Sheers for A Curved Window

PHOTO FIRST ROW LEFT - This wonderful curved window is the focal point of a classic 1950's house. It looks out onto a spacious front yard that turns the living room into a fish bowl at night. The homeowner wanted sheers to let in light while also giving them privacy. They also wanted a drapery that curved with the window. Solution - a Kirsch traverse track.

My first step was to make a paper template of the window's ceiling. This has to be done efficiently and correctly so that the traverse rod manufacturer can bend the rod to fit exactly.

I took brown contractor's paper, painter's tape, a measuring tape, a ladder, and a fair amount of patience to make my template.

PHOTO FIRST ROW CENTER- The first detail that I had to keep in mind was that the floor length sheers will have to project out past the window sill.

PHOTO FIRST ROW RIGHT - The next detail was the location of the bracket. The window's ceiling tapers to a point.

PHOTO SECOND ROW LEFT - I borrowed a Kirsch bracket and short length of track from United Supply Company. I held it up to the ceiling and could see where the bracket had to go. Then I placed the bracket on the paper template and traced out exactly where the hardware would go. The manufacturer could then align the hardware onto the template and bend the rod perfectly.

PHOTO SECOND ROW CENTER - Installation of the rod went smoothly and took about 5 minutes. After that the installer hung the stationary panels to complete the window treatment.

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