• Rose Mary LeBlanc

Faux Shades For an Arched Window

PHOTO TOP LEFT - My assignment for 3 kitchen windows was to fabricate unlined faux shades with clean lines that fit into arched windows.

PHOTO TOP CENTER - First I made a paper template of the inside of the arched windows.

PHOTO TOP RIGHT - Next I cut a 4" by 72" strip of Firmaflex from Rowley Company into 3 pieces. I marked each piece into 1" sections and lightly scored along the lines with a heavy duty box cutter.

PHOTO BOTTOM LEFT - Then I made a simple mold out of a board and a double row of screws to hold the Firmaflex to the desired shape while I steamed it. And steamed and steamed some more. I let it sit in the mold while I worked on other window treatments for the house.

PHOTO BOTTOM CENTER - I removed the Firmaflex from the mold and attached a brace to keep the shape while I worked on it. The braces were also a convenient handle. The arches were then covered with pale ivory sateen lining that matched the window trim color. The faux shades were then fabricated using shade ribs from Rowley Company sewn into pockets to hold the folds in place.One row of cord behind each side hem pulls up the shade. Each shade was stapled to an arch and they were done.

PHOTO BOTTOM RIGHT - The Firmaflex arches disappear into the windows with only the pale gray blue linen shades appearing to float down from the molding. Both designer and homeowner were pleased and so was I.

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