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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

Blue Slipcover With Scalloped Hem

PHOTO FIRST ROW LEFT -This week I took some time off from the workroom to check out a new fabric store in Charlotte - The Interior Alternative Fabric Outlet - and found this great Waverly fabric, Lively Trails. I fell in love with the vibrant blues and happy pattern. I knew that it would be perfect for another Emily Chair slipcover. Immediately a scalloped hem with an applique machine stitch popped into my head so I bought a few yards and headed back to the workroom.

Sateen drapery lining was used to line each piece of the slipcover.

PHOTO FIRST ROW CENTER - After determining the skirt depth, cutting the sections and sewing them together, I drew a 3" scalloped pattern on pattern paper and placed it on the skirt. Then I traced along the curved line. I did not cut out the scallops at this time.

PHOTO FIRST ROW RIGHT -I set my machine to an applique stitch and carefully sewed along the scalloped lines. It wuld not have worked to cut the scallops first because the fabric would have stretched out of shape as I sewed.

PHOTO SECOND ROW LEFT - After sewing along the scallop lines I then cut the finished edge being careful not to cut the stitch. The scallops lay flat instead of wavy.

PHOTO SECOND ROW CENTER - And the slipcover is done!

PHOTO THIRD ROW LEFT - Buttons down the back add a detail.


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