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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

How To Make A Mitered Double Flat Flange Pillow

I enjoyed fabricating this mitered corner flat flange pillow that i wanted to share it with you.

PHOTO FIRST ROW LEFT - You will need a steam iron, pins scissors, measuring tools and Frixon erasable Markers. These are one of my favorite workroom tools because the ink disappears when ironed.

PHOTO FIRST ROW CENTER AND FIRST ROW RIGHT - First I prepared the color blocked front and then cut the strips for the flat flanges. I cut the flat flange sections longer than needed. The back flange will be wider than the front flange. I began with the fabric that will be the front flange. I sewed each front strip onto the front leaving each corner unsewn. Then I folded each corner back into a right angle and pressed flat.

PHOTO SECOND ROW LEFT - Then I opened up each flange and marked the pressed lines.

PHOTO SECOND ROW CENTER - Fold each flange piece front side to front side and pin along the lines. Sew along lines starting 1/2" from edge. Trim along the seam lines and turn right side out. Press. Finish sewing flange to pillow front at corners.

PHOTO SECOND ROW RIGHT - Finished corner

PHOTO THIRD ROW LEFT - Follow the same procedure for the back flange.

PHOTO THIRD ROW CENTER - The finished pillow.


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