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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

Elegant Yet Simple Drapery Panels and Roman Shades

This elegant yet simple job had three interesting details to work out.

First the drapery fabric was a beautiful gray crewel on white linen. When I turned up the bottom hem I could see the crewel pattern showing through from the white linen. The solution was to interline the hem with heavy flannel. See photo top right.

The crewel pattern pleated to pattern perfectly!

The roman shades presented two details to resolve - how to keep the door shade from flapping when the door is opened and closed and how to mount multiple shades on the same window.

Since the door is metal the solution was easy - I sewed earth magnets into little tabs at the bottom on both sides that can be folded out to catch onto the door. Now the shade stays put when the door is opened and closed.

It would have been easy if the roman shades for the windows could have been inside mounted but the double and triple windows were almost flush with the molding. The homeowner wanted separate shades for each window because of sun issues and didn't want to cover the transoms. My solution was to use separate boards that spanned each total window width. I stapled Velcro onto the tops of the boards and sewed the other side of the Velcro onto the tops of the roman shades on the lining side. I used Forest Group RBS lift systems and attached the click brackets to the bottom of the boards. Installation was easy. First the boards went up and then each roman shade was attached to the board. Now the homeowner can control the light where ever it shines in without totally covering the whole window and blocking the view.


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