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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

Arched Top Roman Shade

This was the last install of 2016 and I loved it! The designer chose a semi sheer RM Coco embroidered linen for this arched top inside mount roman shade. The lift system is Forest Group RBS.

First I made a paper template of the inside of the arch. Then I returned to the workroom and constructed the arched shape from Rowley Company Firm-a-flex bendable board. Firm-a-Flex is light weight and cuts and bends easily. It can be cut with a large box cutter or a jig saw. A very detailed instruction sheet comes with each Firm-a-Flex order from Rowley.

I did pre-fit the arched top before fabricating the shade to be sure that the install would go smoothly. I used Rowley Encased Shroud Tube for safety compliance and ribs for smooth operation.

A board runs just under the Firm-a-Flex arch from corner to corner and the lift system is mounted to the underside of the board. Mounting brackets are positioned sideways and the board sits on top of the brackets. There is just enough space between the board and the lift system for the brackets. We did use a center bracket to be sure.

For detailed roman shade instructions please go to my Basic Roman Shade Fabrication class in the video section of my website.


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