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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

OMG, I Slipcovered Me!

OMG, I slipcovered me! Well, not really but it sounds cute. I did apply the basic reverse pin fitting slipcover techniques to making a dress for myself.

Since my last install of the year was December 20th (see previous post) and I am off till January 3, 2017 I have the Holidays to work on stuff for me. Yay! I can't remember where I saw a similar dress but I liked the classic style. It did seem easy enough to whip up. So, channeling the spirit of my French grandmother, I began the project.

My dress form makes it so easy to cut and pin fit clothing. And I can stick pins in her and she won't complain! Working with lining scraps, a dress makers tape measure and a marker pen, I quickly styled the basic dress. Next I took apart the lining prototype and drafted a patter onto brown contractors paper.

Pressing hams of different sizes make ironing darts, seams and narrow areas easy. I cut the fabric and lining with a pinking shears to prevent raveling. The marking pen ink vanishes when ironed.

At Joann's Fabrics I found a pretty blue linen blend, lining and an invisible zipper. Voila! One basic dress that has loads of potential.


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