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Top Down Measurement Installations

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Sometimes we, as workrooms, are presented with unique windows that require more thought and planning than an average window. Examples would be multiple windows grouped together with an arched top, an arched window, an angled or curved ceiling, bay windows, crown molding that is close to the window, the designer wants the drapery hardware right under the crown molding, or any architectural detail that makes measuring for finished length a challenge.

For these circumstances I always call for a Top Down Measurement Installation. The drapery hardware is installed first and then measurements are taken for finished length. This can also be done for board mounted window treatments. Measuring this way ensures that the finished length measurement is accurate and eliminates those 'oops' moments at final installation. Yes, it does mean that the installer will have to make an extra trip to the job site but it is better to have hardware on the wall for a period of time than to have something not fit correctly at the installation.

I have been doing this so long that I don't remember not doing it!

Who makes this decision? As a workroom that does my own measuring, I feel that it is my responsibility let the designer know of any fabrication or installation issues that might come up before we get into the job. Of course, if the designer has the installer measure for jobs, he or she could also advise for the Top Down Measure. The designer, workroom, and installer should work as a team at all times to ensure that the finished product is as perfect as possible.


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