• Rose Mary LeBlanc

Bed Skirt Technique: No Visible Seams

Hiding the seams on a bed skirt is a nice custom detail and easy to do. This is a sample to show you the steps. This sample has a decking and a facing.

Top Row Left: The front of the finished bed skirt with a decking and a facing.

Top Row Center: The back of the finished bed skirt.

Top Row Right: Construct the skirt and decking as usual. Pin the facing to the front of the skirt.

Bottom Row Left: Pin the decking to the back of the skirt.

Bottom Row Center: Machine sew through all layers. Lay decking out flat and press.

Bottom Row Right: Fold facing up and press flat. Press under raw edge. Pin. Machine sew along facing edge, sewing facing to the decking.

And there it is - a bed skirt without ant visible seams or raw edges.


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