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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

Double Inverted Pleat

The double inverted pleat is an interesting version of the inverted pleat. In this post I will show you how to do this. Because of the thickness of the pleat, use the low bulk method of construction.

Top Row Left: Drapery panel with inverted pleats.

Top Row Center: Mark the pleat. The pleat width is 6". Draw lines at 1" increments.

Top Row Right: On the back, fold as shown.

Middle Row Left: This is how the front looks.

Middle Row Center: Tag baste these two pleats two or three times.

Middle Row Right: On the back fold along the remaining lines.

Bottom Row Left: Tag baste these outside pleats.

Bottom Row Center: If you have a pleat tacker that will go through all layers, tack. If not, hand tack the pleats top, bottom and in the center. Use a needle nose pliers to pull the needle through.

Bottom Row Right: The finished double inverted pleat.


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