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Baffled Boxed Cushion

Baffled boxed cushions are an alternative to a solid foam cushion when something softer is needed. Feather and Down or Poly Cluster are used for stuffing. These cushions have internal baffles to keep the stuffing from shifting and bunching. They aren't hard to make but there is a sequence to the fabrication. Once you know how to do it you can fabricate them in your workroom instead of sending them out.

Lining or any similar strong fabric can be used. As with any insert, make the cushion slightly larger than the cover for a tight fit. The cushion can be evenly divided into thirds or fourths or more.

The cushion here is quite small for sample purposes.

First row left: This is the cushion that I will show you how to make. It is 16" x 27" x 4" with three baffles of 9" each.

First row center: Cut out the cushion pieces with 1/2" seam allowances added all around. Mark what each piece is - one top, one bottom, two sides, two ends, and two baffles. The ends and baffles are the same size.

First row right: Mark the baffle lines on the top, bottom and the two sides. Here each baffle section is 9".

Tip: Ironing the seam allowances on all pieces makes fabrication go a lot easier and faster.

Tip: When stitching the baffles, stitch right up to the seam allowance. Do not stitch to the end!

Second row left: Pin the first baffle to the top and bottom matching lines on top and bottom with baffle seam lines. Stitch.

Second row center: Pin and stitch the next baffle to the top and bottom.

Second row right: Expanded view of the top and bottom with the baffles. The cushion is starting to take shape!

The next step is to attach the sides. First the sides are sewn to the baffles.

Third row left: Pin the side to a baffle matching the baffle seam line with the line on the side. Repeat for the other side.

Third row center: A side sewn onto each baffle.

Third row right: Expanded view showing the side sewn to the baffles.

Next the sides and ends are sewn to the top and bottom.

Fourth row left: Pin the sides to the top and bottom and stitch.

Fourth row center: On one side leave openings at each baffle to insert the stuffing.

Fourth row right: Once the sides are sewn to the top and bottom, pin the ends to the top and bottom. Stitch.

Fifth row left: Pin and stitch each end and side at the corners and the cushion is sewn.

Fifth row center: I stuffed mine with Poly Cluster stuffing from Rowley Company

Fifth row right: The finished cushion.


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