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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

Top Down Measuring

Top Down Measuring is a very important option for window treatment measuring and fabrication. It should be done when the space that the drapery hardware will be installed in is a tight spot. The photo above is a good example of this. When the initial measure was done no one took a deduction for the drapery hardware from the wall measurement therefore the panels are way too long.

Yes, Top Down Measures do take a bit more time on the front end of a job, but it outweighs having to re do or alter the treatment after it is installed. In the long runs it saves time and homeowner disappointment.

Whoever did the initial measure should have recognized that there is a very narrow space between the crown molding and the door molding to fit the drapery hardware into. There isn't any margin for error here!

When there is a lot of space between crown molding and door or window molding, hardware placement isn't as crucial because then there is wiggle room for the hardware to go up or down a few inches.

For a Top Down Measure, the drapery hardware is ordered and installed first before a finished length can be determined. Once he hardware is installed, a measurement is taken from the bottom of the ring to the floor. Then the work order can be done and sent onto the workroom.

Top Down Measures are also done for curved or arched windows when the window treatment will be mounted into a tight space. This works not only for drapery hardware but also for board mounted treatments as well.

Rose Mary LeBlanc

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