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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

Faux shade on Z brackets

This faux shade, upper left, looks great and was easy to assemble with Z brackets from Rowley Company.

Z brackets come in 2 sizes (AG8) and (AG82 larger) and 2 colors, white and zinc. The center photo shows the 2 sizes.

The brackets set the faux shade back from the front of the valance and kept it from interfering with the valance. They also made installation quick and easy. The valance was installed first and then the shade was set into the Z bracket.

The photo on the right shows the under side of the valance with the Z brackets at the back of the 1" by 6" board.

The last photo, second row left, shows the top back of the faux shade mounted onto a 1" by 2" board.

Z brackets have many uses and applications. Check them out and see how you can use them.


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