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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

After the Decision Is made

I love to sew. I love to fabricate home furnishings. I love to share fabrication techniques through Seamless Workroom PDFs. Giving it all up totally is too much to ask for a creative soul like me. The final decision to semi retire was an easy one to make.

Once that decision was made a huge feeling of relief that poured over me. No more tight deadlines, no more over flowing Kanban Board.

After almost 27 years it was nice to step off of the train and let it go ahead on down the track. It was a good ride but now I need to slow it down!

How do I actually do that? For now my plan is to do small jobs until we move (another blog post).

I will keep my business structure in tact - LLC and suppliers. Eventually I will juggle small home furnishing jobs with tote bag fabrication using my fabrics.

One of my designers has asked me if I will continue to work with them long distance after the move as the new house will be an easy drive for her assistant. She has a certain way she likes things and I get it. Win win for us both. We will see how it goes. Only time will tell.

Plan. Structure. Willingness to adapt. It's all new and familiar at the same time.


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