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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

Shifting Gears

So now that I have made the decision to semi retire, how do I implement that decision?

The designers that I work with are all very talented and creative people that I have enjoyed working with and getting to know. Their jobs have brought me creative joy as well as making my business a success.

First, I had to decide when to tell my designers (I worked for 8 total). In September 2018 I made the decision to shift gears. At first I was going to wait till the end of the year to announce my decision but that would mean that the designers would still be bringing me jobs for 2019. October was a good time to send out announcement emails so that they would have time to find a new workroom to start the new year with. (The Move decision was also in the same email and that's in another blog post.)

Some took it better than others. One actually broached the idea of a continuing a working relationship. Since her jobs fit into the way I work, I agreed.

Some designers asked my to refer other workrooms, which I did keeping in mind their needs and locations. I hope that the recommendations work out because all are talented and creative people.

The next question was whether or not to keep my business structure in tact. Absolutely yes because I will continue to work on a limited basis while slowly transitioning the business to include art, fabric design and tote bag fabrication without starting over.

I will keep my LLC, supplier account numbers, social media accounts, and website. Remembering Jeanelle Dech's class at the first CWC, I have designated someone to take the business when the final phase is over. In fact Jeanelle's class started me thinking about this whole process.

There are so many possibilities for the future!


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