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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

The Decision to Move

We have made lots of big decisions this fall which seem like they were made quickly but they were not. Each decision developed over time and was well thought out and heart felt.

We moved from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and have been in Charlotte for some time now. The city has changed quite a bit over the years we have been here. More people have moved here, more building has occurred and more traffic have all changed Charlotte. It's time to go.

We have an acre that was wonderful when we built several years ago but is now too much yard and too much house.

But where? Some of the criteria on our list included wanting to stay in the south and within driving distance of Asheville and Hendersonville. We checked out towns and cities in both North and South Carolina. Lots of good locations! Several excursions to the Greenville /Spartanburg sold us and the area

met our criteria.

There are several small towns around Greenville and Spartanburg and we are checking them out. We both grew up in small towns and feel comfortable in that size community.

So, the search for our new home begins.


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