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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

The Flat Lot

Searching for a new home takes time, energy, and persistence especially when the new area is 2 hours away from the current home. We made several trips and each time learned more about the area. Subdivisions, now called communities by the builders, were found on line, and added to the trip list. Our excursions were organized so that we could see as much as possible in one day.

One community stood out mainly because of the agent on duty. It is a lovely, large golf community with several builders and sections that is a few years old and well established. The area is little hilly with some flat areas and many lots left to build on. It is a bit further out than we wanted but worth a look.

We drove around the community before contacting the agent to get a feel for the area. We spoke to her about our requirements, saying that we wanted to see the flatest lots available. She said that she had just the lot we wanted. In fact, with plenty of lots remaining, this was the only lot she was eager to show us.

After looking at the community map, she agreed to show us the available lots with emphasis on this one lot.

At first she wanted us to ride with her. Mmmm no, we decided we would follow in our car. With limited time we didn't want to get stuck riding around. She wasn't very happy about that but we persisted so off we went to see the flat lot.

She stopped in front of a lot that was flat for the first 25 to 30 feet or so and then it went straight down to the back. Only the top half of the trees at the back were visible. She rolled her window down and told us that this was the flat lot. Really.

We rolled our window up, turned the car around and drove off.

We are still laughing about the flat lot.


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