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  • Rose Mary LeBlanc

Our Lot

We spent 4 months researching and driving to different areas checking out new build communities around the mid size city that we chose. Every few weeks we would make a list of addresses and head out for the day, The time was well spent as we found out where we wanted live. We found shopping and dining locations that we particularly liked.

We put our name on a builders' waiting list for a community that was extremely slow to open up for sale. So the search continued.

One small town caught our attention with small shops, restaurants, and a walking trail that was close to everything we required but still a bit rural. No matter where we looked, this small town drew us back.

At first there wasn't any new construction that met our needs. Just as we were getting frustrated, a street opened up for new construction! It is what we call a 'new pocket'. A builder bought the last remaining lots on a street in a well established neighborhood. Half acre lots - check. Well designed floor plans - check. Pricing in our range - check.

There were just under 2 dozen home sites available and they were selling like the proverbial hot cakes. For once our timing was spot on!

We called the realtor and scheduled an appointment between Christmas and New Years to walk through a house that was almost finished. The weather was dismal - cold and rainy - but as soon as we drove into the neighborhood we knew we were home.

That day we selected a lot and right after the New Year we were in the Design Center making selections. And finally the contract was signed and we were one step closer to our new home and life.


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