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Packing Up The Workroom

The workroom has turned into packing central to get ready f move.
Packing Up The Workroom

Well, after a lot of organizing and discarding, the day is finally here to pack up the workroom for the big move to South Carolina. My workroom has turned into Packing Central for this phase of the journey. The soft furnishing fabrication business comes with a lot of supplies and equipment and it takes a lot of organizational skills to keep it all neat from day to day. Those skills can get away from me when jobs are rolling in and out but now I am in full organizing mode.

I finished the last job this morning and now all is quiet in the workroom. The kanban board is empty and rolled up in a tube. Thread is sorted into categories and tucked neatly away in boxes. Scissors, pins and rulers are tucked away in drawers. Sewing machines are still and peaceful for the next few weeks.

The space I will be using is about 2/3 the size of this one - long and narrow where this one is almost square. This is the largest space so far although I have worked in much smaller rooms. It's interesting how our stuff can expand or contract to fill it's designated area. The window will look out over the new street and I will be able to see what's going on.

I am looking forward to this move and setting up my machines in a new home. My sewing machines have traveled from Louisiana to North Carolina and soon to South Carolina. The big walking foot is the only one that goes on the moving van although if I could get it in the SUV I would take it. That's the one that the movers always glare at me over as they carry it down the stairs. The other machines always ride with me to the new house.

As a life long sewer I have to have my machines close at all times. You know how that is. The smallest machine is still not packed just in case I have to sew something. Never can tell.

It will be a few weeks before I can set it all up in it's rightful order again and I am so ready!


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