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The Window Team

By Rose Mary LeBlanc   |   January 1, 2017


The Window Team consists of the Designer, the Workroom and the Installer. All three should work as a team to produce the finished product with a pleased homeowner as the end result. In that regard all three require different things from each other to achieve that end. On this page I will list the basics of these relationships as I see them from 25 years of experience in the window treatment fabrication industry.




To work together effectively the Designer and the Workroom should be on the same wavelength and communicate clearly. 



What the Designer Needs From Workroom:                                   

1) On time for appointments

2) Prompt response to communications

3) Terms & Conditions; Company Policies

4) Quoting done in a reasonable amount of time

5) Anticipated completion date

6) Notification of upcharge due to Change Order

7) Knowledge of basic installation

8) All industry safety standards complied with

9) Measuring

10) Advice on design selections

11) Due diligence

12) Progress reports

13) Notification of flaws, damaged goods or incorrect shipments

14) Work completed in a timely & professional manner

15) All finished items wrapped in plastic

16) Delivery of items

17) Present at installations

18) Professional quoting and invoicing system

19) Procedure for handling remakes, alterations, etc.   

What the Workroom Needs From Designer:  

1) On time for appointments

2) Prompt response to appointments

3) Detailed Request For Quote & Work Orders

4) Photos of windows                

5) Reasonable completion date

6) Change Orders in writing          

7) Down payment & all materials received in Workroom                  

8) Prompt payment in full 

9) Procedure for handling remakes, alterations, etc

10) Pick up of finished items in a timely manner

11) Designer present at installations       


Communication between all three are key here. WHO WILL BE PRESENT AT INSTALL is very important! Workroom or designer or both or neither? ​

What the Installer Needs From Designer: 

1) On time for appointments

2) Prompt response to communications

3) Exact address of install

4) Detailed description of all items to be installed

5) Prompt payment at agreed upon time 

What the  Installer Needs From Workroom:

1) On time for appointments

2)  Prompt response to communications

3) All items packaged in plastic

4) All work inspected before items leave the Workroom

5) Clear instructions for window treatment location on wall

6) Detailed description of all items to be installed                                 

What the Designer & Workroom Need From Installer:

1) On time for appointment 

2) Prompt response to communications 

3) Clean, professional apparel & conduct 

4) All tools, equipment, hardware & ladders ​

5) Measuring the job

6) Pricing or estimates given before a job is installed

7) Procedure for discussing issues at the install 

8) Clean up after install

9) Pick up & delivery of items if needed on the work vehicle

10) Holes patched & repaired

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